Our Story

As Detroiters, our street names are a part of our identity. Woodward. Grand River. Michigan Avenue. Gratiot. Jefferson. Outer Drive. These names–and so many others–are indelibly connected to our beloved city and anyone who is native to The D recognizes them as distinctly Detroit.

Our street names were unintentionally documented decades ago on the scrolls housed on Detroit’s buses and street cars.

Enter Detroit Scroll.

Our founder, Patti Kay, has a lifelong passion for Detroit’s rich history. In 2010, she happened upon original Detroit bus scrolls at a flea market and came up with an imaginative concept. She had the original scrolls digitally scanned and created a unique line of vintage product so her fellow Detroiters could proudly wear or display a distinct part of their heritage.

Detroit Scroll is owned and operated in the city of Detroit by locals with a heartfelt love for our community and its people. We are proud to be from The Motor City and to share our exclusive concept with our fellow Detroiters.