About Us

Artwork created using vintage destination scrolls from old Detroit buses and streetcars!

These 1940's and 1950's Detroit Bus Scrolls tell the story all on their own! But my story, goes like this.... During the summer of 2010 I ran into my favorite dealer at a flea market. He never disappoints and on that summer day he had two Detroit Bus Scrolls! I had always hoped to find this historic item and luck was on my side.

I couldn't wait to get started sharing these images, and the memories they connect to. So, off to the drawing board and along came the merchandise you find here: wall art, apparel, glassware, stationery, and home decor.

I am excited to offer these images on products I know you will love and want to share.

Hopefully these items spark opportunities for you to share your story of Detroit with others!


For questions/comments/concerns:

Please e-mail us at DetroitScroll@Gmail.com or Call 313-244-2101 . Thank you!